February 26, 2020

That Time of Year – Part 1


Kicking off Our ‘That Time of Year’ Blog Series with an Important Tax Deadline Coming Up Next Week!

The time has come…our “That Time of Year” series is back! We promised you tax tips and important deadlines to consider in this filing season and we’re ready to deliver. First up, there is a fast approaching deadline for this tax filing season that we’d like you to take note of. Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 5th! This date is when 65-day distributions from a complex trust must be made to be counted for 2019. As a reminder, the “65 Day Rule” allows a trustee to elect to make a trust distribution within 65 days of the end of the preceding tax year and effectively transfer some of the income and tax liability from the trust to the trust beneficiary who received the distribution.  Utilizing this rule can provide a significant tax savings to the trust, possibly at a lower tax cost to the beneficiary.  Want to learn more about the 65-day distribution and the potential benefits? Our friends at Horizon Wealth Advisors break it all down here. If you need further guidance, please feel free to reach out to us. Next up in our That Time of Year Blog Series: we’ll bring you an important deadline and tax consideration for those with filing on behalf of large businesses (we’re looking at you, partnerships and corporations) Stay tuned!

We hope this information is helpful to you. If you are in need of tax guidance or support, please reach out to us. We are always happy to help.