Our Process

Our clients are more to us than tax returns and client ID numbers. We take a personal approach to your financial matters.

Personal Service, Year Round

At Houston-based Maddox, Thomson & Associates, we’ll maintain a continual, working relationship with you as our esteemed client. We’ll make a point to speak with you at least twice a year, outside of your tax return. Our experienced professionals are available to meet with you any time to provide advice or planning assistance, or to answer your questions. As your partners, we want to help you succeed.

Personal Service at Tax Time

Our tax return preparation process involves you at every step of the way. At the end of the tax year, we send each client an organizer in which collect the information we need to prepare tax returns. When you have compiled all the information, you send it to us so that we may begin working on the tax return. We keep you advised of the status of the tax return throughout the process. If questions develop, we contact you as soon as possible.

After the tax return is completed, it goes through a quality control review to ensure all information is accurate. We then provide you with a copy of the tax return to submit to the taxing authority, as well as a copy for your records. We will explain any part of the tax return that you may not understand.

Other Services You May Need

Our services don’t end with your tax return:

  • If you are required to make quarterly estimated payments, we can assist you in calculating the amount due for each payment and remind you when the payment is due.
  • If you receive any notifications or questions from any of the taxing authorities, we will immediately respond on your behalf and work with them to resolve the problem.
  • We can also estimate for you, before your tax return is filed, the amount of taxes you will owe. This can be beneficial in making sure enough money is withheld or the proper amount of estimated tax is paid.

We Protect Your Privacy

At every point in our process, the confidentiality of your information is of utmost importance to us. We work very hard to ensure that your information stays in trusted hands.