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Tips for Setting Smart Financial Resolutions in 2020

financial resolutions

With 2020 just getting underway, many people are setting personal goals to get in shape, eat healthier and find ways to sneak in some more zzz’s. Let’s not forget the importance of setting financial resolutions critical for improving both short-term … Read More

2020 Contribution Limits for IRAs and Retirement Plans

New inflation-adjusted limits for 2020 IRA and retirement plan contributions have been released by the IRS. Contribution limits have risen slightly for 2020, and income thresholds have increased as well. If you want to begin planning for your 2020 contributions … Read More

Hardship Distributions for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The IRS announced that it is allowing 401(k)s and similar employer-sponsored retirement plans to make loans and hardship distributions to victims of Hurricane Harvey and certain IMG_1020.JPGmembers of their families. IRA participants are not allowed to take out loans, but … Read More

Health Savings Accounts

Some good news – the IRS has set the limits for 2018 for Health Savings Account. You can contribute up to $3,450 for single coverage or up to $6,900 for family coverage in 2018.

Some bad news – the maximum … Read More

Savvy Retirement Saving Opportunities for The Self-Employed

SEP IRA and Solo 401(k) provide substantial retirement saving opportunities for the self-employed.

New Partnership Rules

By Jennifer Youngblood | November 28, 2016 |

On Nov. 2, 2015, President Barack Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (BBA).  While the main purpose of this legislation was to re-allocate funds to ensure disability recipients … Read More

Trump Presidency Signals Tax Changes

“How wonderful it is to be an American.  We have known the best of times and the worst of times.”  Maya Angelou

Donald J. Trump has been elected the 45th President … Read More

Taxpayers’ Guide to Required Minimum Distributions

Tax Saving Opportunities to Qualified Charitable Organizations

If you are a taxpayer over 70 ½ years of age, who makes donations to charitable organizations, you might consider contributing directly from an IRA. By doing so, you may remove existing income … Read More

Investing in Publicly Traded Partnerships

The Unique Tax Benefits and Consequences

Investors and taxpayers have a variety of investment options from which to choose. An important factor to consider is that the tax treatment of these can differ greatly. One popular option is investing in … Read More

Don’t Miss Out on Claiming Charitable Donations

The IRS Offers Tips on the Importance of Record-Keeping

Although most taxpayers know that gifts to their preferred charitable organizations are tax deductible, it may come as a surprise when their accountant tells them that they are unable to claim … Read More

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