June 16, 2022

Citizenship for MTA’s Own Chi Le


Maddox Thomson is thrilled to announce our own Chi Le is now a naturalized citizen of the United States! For many people, becoming an American citizen is a dream.  The path to citizenship can be long and costly and takes tremendous commitment.  Opportunity, study, dedication, and a host of other qualities make this one of the most significant achievements in anyone’s life.

Chi worked hard, passed her exam, and was sworn in as a United States citizen in April this year.  Much like the work ethic and accomplishments that have marked Chi’s tenure at Maddox Thomson, those same high standards and persistence have brought another fine citizen to this great country.

Congratulations Chi! 

Rebecca McElroy

Rebecca McElroy

Rebecca McElroy is President of Maddox, Thomson & Associates. Rebecca leads MTA’s accounting and tax practices, and directs the firm’s future growth. Known for her expertise in strategic tax planning and income tax compliance, McElroy routinely partners with individuals, private foundations, corporations and operating partnerships.