July 10, 2013

Corporate Taxpayers Beware of Scams, i.e. “Corporate Records Service” Forms

This is a reminder to pay close attention to any tax related correspondence that you may receive via e-mail, or by mail, and please send to us at Maddox, Thomson & Associates.  We will review before you send any money or give your personal information to anyone, to make sure it is from a valid source.

One of our business clients received this official looking document asking that they pay $125.00, and submit their annual meeting minutes to Corporate Records Service in Austin, Texas.

This IS a scam, but a clever way to get unsuspecting business owners to pay a relatively small amount to a legitimate looking thief.  We get warnings about these sorts of schemes on a regular basis.

Please be careful, and remember to let one of our CPAs review any tax related communication you may receive, so we can review its authenticity.