July 27, 2015

Keep Calm, Handle an IRS notice and Carry On

Doing federal taxes every year is already stressful enough; add getting an IRS notice later and it can become downright nerve-racking. However, millions of letters and notices are sent to taxpayers every year, and most can be dealt with painlessly. Most can be remedied online without having to wait in line at the IRS. The Maddox Thomson team is here to assist in ensuring you deal with any notice efficiently and accurately.

Focusing on the Issue

You may want to put the notice in a pile of mail to address later, but ignoring it may cause problems when you finally do open it. It is best to open IRS correspondence right away, and remember that most  can be handled quickly and easily.  The IRS offers a cheat sheet for Understanding the Notice. It also provides information on whether or not you need to take any action to resolve the matter.

Corrections notice

The IRS typically sends a corrections notice if it contends your tax return was incorrect. You may or may not agree with the correction–always take a look at your original tax return and compare the differences. Agreeing to the notice does not require further action unless you owe more money.

If you disagree with the IRS, it is imperative to include all the documentation you want the IRS to consider with a letter explaining your reasoning. The IRS can take up to 30 days to respond. As always, keep a copy of all correspondence. Maddox Thomson is here to help if you’re not sure how to respond or if you do decide to contest the correction.

Scam alert–the IRS doesn’t call or email you

The IRS contacts people about tax issues via mail. If you are called, emailed or texted by the IRS, it is not legitimate. Do not reply or provide any personal information such as your social security number if contacted through these means.

Relax when that letter comes with an IRS return address; you’re not alone. They’re typically easy to deal with, and Maddox Thomson is on your team. Do not hesitate to call or email us today.