May 30, 2013

Larry Maddox in WSJ on Charitable Giving with IRAs

Larry Maddox, president of Maddox, Thomson and Associates and Horizon Advisors, contributed to an article in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, May 26, titled “Getting Around Double Taxation.”   Larry collaborated with writer Arden Dale in describing charitable gifts of IRA required minimum distributions.  The article read in part,

“Retirees who want to give to charity may find it tax-efficient to roll part or all of a required minimum distribution to a favorite cause, advisers say. For taxpayers 70½ and older, the law allows a direct rollover of up to $100,000.

The strategy works especially well when a charitable contribution brings a taxpayer’s adjusted gross income below the thresholds for the new 3.8% investment-income surtax, says Larry Maddox, president of Horizon Advisors.”

For those with full access to the Wall Street Journal’s website, the complete article may be viewed here.