Compliance & Consulting

Compliance & Consulting Services

IRS and local tax legislation is constantly changing and you need a tax partner who stays up-to-date on tax laws and interpretations to minimize your tax obligations and prevent compliance issues. MTA provides its clients with a year-round, proactive approach to tax planning that will identify tax problems early, uncover and eliminate inefficient processes, and offer strategic advice on the best practices for individuals, multigenerational families, and businesses.

MTA can assist in financial structuring, entity selection and resolve most financial questions related to individuals or businesses. We routinely partner with clients to estimate quarterly tax payments, and ensure payments are made timely.

MTA tax professionals have extensive experience dealing with all taxing authorities. If you are facing an inquiry or audit, or you need to respond to an IRS notification, or you need to prepare an appeal, we are qualified and ready to represent you. Our team will ensure all your rights are upheld and any dispute is handled fairly.

Comprehensive Compliance Services

Our team of tax compliance experts proactively examines legislative changes to determine how they will impact our clients. We partner with our clients to understand tax implications of planned expenditures so we can explain how it will impact your tax burden.

If you receive any notifications or questions from a taxing authority, we will immediately respond on your behalf and will represent you until the issue is resolved.

General Business Consulting

We specialize in helping you plan your financial life and keeping it on track, while also assisting you with all of your tax needs. Our general business consulting services can help our clients with:

  • Entity selection
  • Educational savings planning
  • Small business advice
  • Residential basis calculations
  • Estimated quarterly payments calculations
  • Depreciation and amortization schedules

Retirement Saving

Our professionals specialize in the details of retirement accounts, including how much you can contribute, when you can begin to take distributions, and when you must take required minimum distributions. It is imperative that you understand how to get the most out of your retirement saving plan without incurring fees or penalties.

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